Hi, I'm Andrea!

I live and work in Detroit, MI and I am a graduate from the College for Creative Studies. Grew up in Lima, Peru and various cities round the US. Besides doing art, I like to shop at Value World, bedazzle all my things, and go to Charlotte, NC on vacation. 

My work is an upbeat and playful portrayal of youth and femininity in today’s culture, using pattern, color, and texture, with each piece containing an eye-catching shine. This past year I have focused on portraiture and style. I hope to incorporate more glitter in my future work, I see it as an escape from reality. Because too much, is never enough. 

My ideas come from the beauty in nature, fashion, the feminine figure, and anything that sparkles. I use various mediums, like acrylic, ink, watercolor, resin, and digital software. Layering all these mediums helps me achieve the right style and idea.

Hope you enjoy my work!

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